Increase your sales conversion

rates with three simple steps

When we know what our customers want – exactly what they want and value – we can deliver it with ease. We don’t need to change our products or services, we simply tailor our messages to what our customers are looking for. We deliver what they want in our messaging. It seems simple, but it’s so profound that all successful businesses from Apple to Johnson & Johnson (where I worked as a my last 9-5 job in marketing) perform segmentation for every product they sell. The secret is that it works just as effectively for any type or size of business. The trick is knowing how to segment, or ‘bucket’ your clients.

It doesn’t matter who I talk to, every entrepreneur has the same desire in their business…to make it easier to get clients, which leads to more profits and greater success (hopefully!). Not to be confused with their purpose or mission, the whole reason they started the business in the first place. Their desire when IN their business is for everything to be easier.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every potential client you talked to wanted to work with you regardless what you charged? Of course you do. We all do. And there’s a very simple 3-step process to increase the odds of this happening. Ready?

1. Ask them what they want

Sounds simple, right? And yet when I talk to entrepreneurs and my own clients about this you’d be amazed how this simple sales step is forgotten. We’re often so focused on what we offer and how we think it will help our ideal client we forget to ask them what matters to them. I remember talking to a health food store owner and when I asked her what was most important to her customers, she said ‘relationships with our staff’. When I dug a little deeper, it was clear she was assuming that this was the most important to her clients – she had never actually asked them. As a result her priority was hiring friendly staff to build better relationships with customers. But her business was struggling now that a new grocery chain had moved in down the street. Had she asked her customers what they truly valued in her business she may have discovered that they appreciated how she stocked different or unique products, that her staff were not only friendly, but knowledgeable, that her business donated part of the proceeds to community causes that made them feel good shopping there. Knowing what her customers truly valued from her business would have made it clear where her focus needed to be and how she could compete with new competition. Instead, she focused on hiring friendly staff. Sigh.

Nothing creates loyalty like feeling as if you’ve been heard. Want to improve your relationships with friends or family? Listen to them. It’s no different in your business.

2. Segment your customers based on what they want

Ever been to Apple’s website lately? If you have, you’ll notice that apart from promoting their products to die hard Apple fans, they’ve segmented their market into three areas. First, they have ‘For Personal Use’ (what you see when you first land on their site) where they promote their iphones. And if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll notice they also have separate areas on their site ‘For Education’ and ‘For Business’. Apple has recognized that their customers buy apple products for one of three reasons: for personal use, for business or for education. They sell the same product, but as a result of segmenting their customers, they’re able to customize their sales messages according to their customers’ needs. So simple. So effective. There’s a reason Apple is a master class in great marketing. But this marketing technique is so simple any business owner can use it no matter how big or small their business, regardless if they’ve been in business for decades or just starting out.

3. Give them what they want

Once you’ve asked your customers and segmented them based on their needs, this last part just falls into place. You’ve just been given a roadmap to the sale. Now you just need to execute with the right messaging resonates for them based on the needs they’ve already told you. Your potential clients feel heard and that you have exactly what they are looking for. They are ready to buy no matter what you are charging because they know you can meet their needs….perfectly.

Three simple steps. This summer is the perfect time to reflect on how your business performed the first half of the year. If you want to take it to a new level this fall, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I asking existing and potential clients what they want?

2. Have I segmented my clients (even ideal client personas can and should be segmented)?

3. Have I been delivering what my clients want in my messaging and my products and services?

If you answered no to any of these questions, we should talk. I can help you.

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