Mental breakdown to bliss: A journey to help women thrive

Nearly every entrepreneur will tell you that their road to become an entrepreneur has been a journey. Sarah Hutchison is no different. With a career with World Vision and already three business ventures under her belt, and a family of four, this self-described ‘ideas person’ is just getting started.

But it was her journey through mental illness to recovery and wanting to create safe places for women to encourage and foster their wellness that is at the true heart of Sarah’s journey.

This interview with Sarah Hutchison is part of a series of interviews with women entrepreneurs that I admire. These women embody authenticity and their businesses have benefitted from their vulnerability and their bravery to be themselves.

Because, let’s be real. It’s brave to be yourself. It’s even braver to be yourself in a business that is completely dependent on people liking you before they work with you.

The first time I met Sarah was when I attended her Bliss B4 Laundry Women’s Retreat in February of 2016. She was standing at the welcome table directing the volunteers helping to set up the camp for the weekend while simultaneously registering guests and making people feel comfortable and taken care of.

Organization, efficiency nurturing and welcoming. These are the words – no, feelings – that sprung to my mind when first meeting Sarah and have come to embody her in every interaction we’ve had since.

What I have come to learn since, and what we discuss in this interview, is her incredible journey towards being a nurturing figure for women. As with every ‘Hero’s Journey’, Sarah’s is about self-discovery through adversity, hers being a psychotic break several years ago leading to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Through her own journey of finding safety and stability, her mission has developed to wanting to create safe spaces for other women to come together as a community, be themselves and to thrive.

So how does Sarah find stability in the unstable world of entrepreneurship while focusing on her own wellness and the wellness of women across Ontario? Watch this week’s interview to find out.


In this interview you will hear:


  • Her journey from a mental break of psychosis to a multi-preneur helping other women thrive in wellness
  • How getting real attracts the best clients
  • How learning about yourself is shining light on our darkness
  • The brilliance of ‘blessons’
  • Why we all need to know our own story to be successful
  • The idea that entrepreneurs as artists and creators
  • Why you need to put ‘earmuffs’ on with certain people in your life who can’t see your vision
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who say ‘hell yeah!’
  • How Sarah’s incorporating self-care into the start up phase of her latest business
  • The concept of manifesting and how this has shown up most recently at She Thrives

“I don’t worry about competitors. I don’t worry about what others are doing. I just worry that what we’re putting out there is true to what we set out to offer…so it feels good to us.”


If you’d like to learn more about Sarah and her new wellness clinic for women and families in Belleville, visit She Thrives. And if you live in Ontario and are interested in the Bliss B4 Laundry Women’s Retreats, I encourage you to check out their website. Their next retreat is October 20-22, 2017 near Peterborough, Ontario.

What did you think about our conversation about manifesting and worrying more about the ‘what’ and letting the ‘how’ figure itself out?

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