Following your heart and defying convention: An interview with Sharon Mudavanhu

It’s a brave thing to pave your own way. It’s especially brave to put aside years of specialized training and education and leave a traditional career to follow an untraditional passion.

But for Sharon Mudavanhu, leaving a career in accounting to pursue more creative work as a hairdressing and yoga instructor, it was the only option.

One thing I hear about a lot from entrepreneurs, particularly women entrepreneurs, is that part of the journey of becoming an entrepreneur is defying the expectations placed on us – whether it’s expectations from parents, spouses or friends.

So when Sharon Mudavanhu told me that in her twenties, much to her parents’ dismay, she left a short lived career in accounting to pursue her love of hairdressing, I knew this interview would strike a chord with many.

As it turns out, leaving the classic and well-worn path of accounting for an uncertain career as a hairstylist isn’t the only brave thing Sharon has done to follow her passion.

After over a decade of working with hair, Sharon decided to make another career change by opening up her own yoga studio – this time upping the ante on her entrepreneurial risk taking by adding overhead and running costs to her newest adventure.

In this interview Sharon talks about walking away from what doesn’t resonate, following your passions, taking risks and manifesting your dreams by living in a world of ‘what’s possible’.

She also talks about the uncertainty of owning a new business, the time commitments, the patience and persistence required…and what happens when you open the doors and no one shows up. And the importance of having people around you who believe in you – sometimes more that you believe in yourself.

Most of all, this interview is about having faith that it will turn out alright in the end. As you’ll hear, Sharon’s case, it certainly has.

“This is my life.

There was no way I was going to sit at a desk,
day in and day out and be unhappy.”

– Sharon Mudavanhu

If you want more information about Sharon, or if you’re in Toronto and want to check out Sharon’s yoga studio, visit the Yoga On Seven website.

I’d love to hear from you on what resonated for you in this interview.

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