Be more productive:

Manage your energy (not your time)

Since the industrial age we’ve been told that to be more productive we need to manage our time better. But as we move further into the information age and work-life integration, it’s our energy, not our time, that is the key to producttivy.

We can’t make more time, but we can renew and replenish our energy levels. We just need to know how.

Our lives are busier than ever. As ambitious women we need to get a lot done. We need to be productive. Not just busy, but productive. The traditional advice to get everything done was to manage your time. Time management seems like such a corporate notion now, for people who are on the clock.

As entrepreneurs our workdays never end. Our lives integrate with our work and our work weaves in and out of our personal lives. Time doesn’t stand still for us to manage it. Instead we need to manage our energy to be more productive.

Energy is a renewable source that if managed well, will keep us moving and keeps us productive throughout the day. There are five areas of energy we need to manage, tap into and renew. In this week’s video I review four of these areas to help you be more mindful of how and where your energy is being depleted and how you can manage it.

1. Physical energy

Do you have a morning routine to wake up your body? Every highly successful entrepreneur does. Find out what techniques entrepreneur superstars like Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard, and Oprah to do kickstart their bodies and maintain their energy throughout the day.

2. Emotional Energy

We all get triggered throughout the day – a driver cuts you off on the highway, a man is rude to you in line – it’s how we deal with these events that make all the difference. And when we’re not paying attention, our emotional reactions can completely deplete our energy levels. In the video I give a few examples of how this can happen and what to look out for.

3. Mental Energy

Did you know that there is a scientific length of time we should spend on any mentally stimulating task? Too much focus and we can find ourselves feeling spent and dazed. Lack of clarity and focus is the worst thing that can happen for you and your business. Managing and renewing your mental energy is key to your success.


4. Spiritual Energy

I hear all too often from women who have started a heart-led business only to find themselves feelling disconnected to their business and their clients. If you’ve lost your motivation in a business you were once passionate about, it’s a sign that they haven’t been taking care of your spiritual energy. Watch the video for more details on how to keep this area of your energy renewed. The success of your business depends on it.



As you start to think about how to make the second half of the year better than it’s ever been in your business, ask yourself:

1. Am I taking care of my body and health for my physical energy?

2. Do my emotions get the better of me and how can I manage this better?

3. Do I have as much mental clarity at the end ofthe day as I do at the beginning?

4. Do I feel motivated and passionate about my business and the people I serve?


Do you ever find yourself feeling drained or lacking focus? We’ll be covering productivity and energy management at our next Sisterhood of Success event. RSVP now.

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