What to do when the people around you don’t support your dream

We all have, or have had, people in our lives that bring us down and can’t support our dream. They just don’t get us, or they just can’t support us on our mission. In today’s post I talk about how to deal with these people and get yourself surround by your tribe that will lift you up.


Lately I’ve had a lot of reminders that my fellow entrepreneurs are struggling wth negative and unsupportive people in their lives. Or with people who simply don’t understand their dream…and it’s wearing on them. It’s dragging them down. It’s draining of their energy. And worse, it’s dimming the dream.

Oh, man, I’ve been there.

I saw this at the Archangel Summit this past Saturday. Nearly every Q&A session there was at least one person who got up and asked what they should do if their dream didn’t align with their parents’ beliefs, or if by purusing entrepreneurship they would be letting their family down. Or that their spouse just didn’t understand.

Then I had lunch to catch up with a fellow-entrepreneur-slash-friend who was in town. We hadn’t seen each other in about nine months so had lots to catch up on. Throughout brunch she proceeded to tell me that most of her year – and her energy – had been consumed by the deterioration of a frienship and business partnership. My friend had realized that her friend/biz partner was incredibly negative and it was holding my friend back. Everytime she dared to dream (and live) big, her partner would (hopefully unintentionally) cut her down.

Most of us have, or have had, people like this in our life. I know I have. The tough part is what to do about it when it’s holding us back from living the life we really want and deserve. And even tougher when it’s family, a spouse or loved one.


Here are a few tips on how to deal with this situation:


1. Identify the culprit(s)

The first step is simply to identify and discern between the people who are lifting you up and the people who are dragging you down. Once you tune into your body, you’ll easily spot the ones who aren’t supportive. You’ll leave any interaction with them doubting youself, completely drained or simply ‘blah’.


2. Is the negativity a phase? Or is it who they are?

Sometimes people go through rough patches. We all do. And in those low moments it’s sometimes hard to be happy for others around you. But if the ‘rough patch’ is the status quo, it’s time to find a new friend. Sometimes people are just negative. Period. And that negativity can bring you down.


3. Eliminate the negativity…with love

When you realize that your friend is an energy vampire or just doesn’t support you in your new direction, and you realize it isn’t just a phase, that ‘friend’ becomes a ball and chain holding you back. In order to move forward, you need to drop the weight. This can be hard or impossible with family, and in that case I recommend reducing the time you spend with that person to an absolute minimum. Do so kindly and as an act of self-love for yourself.


1. Do you have negative people in your life?

2. How do you know if it’s just a phase or it’s just who they are?

3. How can you eliminate or reduce the time you spend with people who bring you down?

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